Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Return of Mama Spencer

August 25th people.

Write it on your calendars, set your TIVO, Gene Francis is back again for sweeps. This time she is helping her daughter Lulu. I am so far out of the loop on GH these days. I have been watching since 1978 and haven't watched for the past two months.

I remember that Lulu killed her ex boyfriend Logan by hitting him in the head with something (isn't that how Laura ended up crazy? Didn't she kill Rick or someone by hitting them in the head with something?) Anyway, I digress, now she is seeing dead Logan and has been committed to the same psychiatric facility that her mom has been at for the past what 4 years now.

Genie Francis is returning to General Hospital in August 2008 to reprise her role as Laura Webber Spencer. Francis told the AP, "It's a mother-daughter story. Years ago when I started playing the character as a 14-year-old girl, it was a mother-daughter story, only I was the daughter. So it's kinda cool this is full circle. It's nice to come back for visits. General Hospital is my home." She continued, "I would stay on, but `General Hospital' honestly doesn't seem to want that relationship with this character at the moment," said Francis. "They want little short doses during sweeps periods. It's not entirely up to me. I'm thrilled and delighted my audience stands behind me. If they didn't, you can be sure I wouldn't get to come back for these visits.

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