Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 11

Jesse is honored to be nominated again because he is not the target this week.

April tells us Memphis is her target because she promised to keep Jesse safe even though the alliance wants him out. Ollie and April hug and tell Jessie he is safe.

Dan is told that America wants him to hug Jessie for 10 seconds. He wants to know what we are thinking but he will give us an awkward 10 seconds. He thinks Jesse is a softy and has a sob story ready. He heads over to Jessie and cries about how much he is worried that his girlfriend won't be there. Jessie walks over and wraps an arm around him telling him that she wants him to be in there and that she will be there.

Dan felt a little bad because Jessie was very moved by his story and gave him a pep talk. They hug for 17 seconds and Dan mugs for the camera.

The POV competition is underway. April pulls Michelle, Jessie pulls Libra and Memphis pulls Jerry. Renny is happy to host.

April is not sure she can count on Jerry or Libra for the competition which really pisses Libra off. Libra says she is ready and will try her best. April turns her head and Libra feels that she is not even there. She feels like she was nothing and that her team doesn't think she can do it.

April shouts to Ollie that "the girl is a bitch and I can't count on her. She has excuses for anything."

Jessie is lying down and Libra and loud mouth Keesha. Why is Keesha screeching? The talk was about Libra but Keesha made it about her. Jessie loves this and heads up to April's room to tell Ollie and April about Keesha screaming about April.

They all fall right into Jessie's trap. Ollie says that people's true colors come out when they get offended. April says she will confront her and it will get ugly.

Ollie tells her to get her mind right as she heads down to confront Libra.

Libra is lying in bed and tells April that her feelings are hurt. April tells her what she overhead. Libra wants to knew who she needs to talk to right now. She wants to know who is saying things. April says she is disappointed because Libra should have come to her.

Keesha walks around the house asking Michelle and Renny if they said something to April because she was just dismissed by April. It was so annoying to watch her talk to April to Renny and Michelle before she headed back into the room.

Keesha confronts her with guns blaring. She is upset that she was addressed. She doesn't think April has the right to treat her like that. She is tired of it and screeches that she is tired of being spoken about.

April tells them that it was Jessie who told her.

Memphis is talking to the camera telling us that BB put 30 year old women in the house because they are all crazy. Jerry overhears and walks into the room to tell the girls that Memphis is making fun of them. He wants them to know that they love the girls fighting. Libra tells him that she doesn't care and he tells her to shut up a minute. Libra stands up and tells him not to tell her to shut up. April says this is great this is what they want, us fighting with each other.

Renny gets crazy and leaves after telling Jerry to stop talking to people like that and to stop sticking fingers in people's faces that it is inappropriate.

Renny walks past the guys saying, "I can't stand when he talks to people like that. He better not stick his finger in my face. I'll shove it down his throat." Then she tells Memphis that he is talking about him.
Keesha says that Jessie is the one that has to go and she leaves the room.

A crying Libra tells April that she is sorry.

It is Keesha's birthday and Renny tries to get everyone to sing happy birthday to her.

Jessie walks into the girls room and Libra walks over to him and tells him that the conversation is over. She screams and he talks to her calmly. She claps her hands at him and repeats whatever he says. She says his name about 50 times in this argument which was really funny to me.

Keesha says she will take whoever is in the room to sing and Libra says she will get April. Libra again shouts at Jessie and says something about his ear being at the door.

The guests sing to Keesha like they are all going to the electric chair. Libra asks if anyone wants cake. Jessie apologizes for being honest. Michelle asks if anyone knows how the fight started which gets screechy Keesha to stand up saying she knows exactly what the fight was about. She says what she knows and when he tries to talk she gives him the finger and calls him a little kid and trouble maker. Libra tells Memphis that everyday is a new day as the girls leave the room.

The Veto comp is a hockey game where the guests will win prizes on top of the veto. They get their trophy which could have the veto or a prize. The winners can chose to keep their prize or trade it for one of the other prizes already given. They can steal someone's prize.

The first person ejected is Memphis, getting the first trophy. It is the POV. Michelle is ejected out next. Her trophy has a trip to Hawaii. Michelle jumps and screams saying that she has never been to Hawaii. Jessie is the third out and he says he couldn't play well because he didn't know what he was doing. His trophy has a slop surprise but he trades it for the POV. April is out of the game and her trophy 10,000 in BB gold bars. She keeps her gift saying she worked her ass off. "I did my part." I guess because she was HOH and had to nominate. I don't know. Jerry is next out and he pulls a letter from home. He asks April if she wants to split the 10,000 3 ways. She says yes and he trades with Jessie who tells April that he is taking money out of her pocket. Jessie says, "I love you Mom" when he is told he is getting a letter from home. Libra gets the first place trophy and it holds Jen and Sheila used unitard. She trades the unitard for Michelle's trip to Hawaii. Michelle is shocked! Libra holds that trophy and smiles pretty for the camera holding her prize. Michelle is pissed and screams that she got the shaft.

Jerry is sure that he proved the his house guests that he is willing to pay a price to help his alliance.

Michelle is done with this place. She tosses the unitard and when Jessie tries to give her the pep talk she says, he gets a letter from home and then proceeds to say what Libra should have her kids taken away because she is a skank, slut. Michelle tells us that she is not here to be made a fool out of.

She puts the unitard on and screams that this is her life, "I always get screwed, always, always." Jessie tries to talk to her and tells her that her ass looks terrific and if he wins he will buy her a trip to Hawaii.

Michelle gets ito bed and Jessie pep talks her about her family and that it is not her fault that she is in this position. I am thinking that as much as Jessie can be a real prick that he is someone you just might want on your side.

Michelle is wearing the unitard and everyone is waiting for the POV meeting. Jerry calls everyone in and says that he will not be using the POV.

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