Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 9 - Live Elimination

Angie, Jessie, Memphis and Michelle talk about how they went wrong in the game. They needed to win HOH and didn't.

Angie tries to swing Jerry's vote. He tells her that he is not the one who controls the numbers.

Jessie tells Keesha that this whole thing is taking a toll on him.

Memphis tells Keesha that he heard Jerry tell Angie that she is not out of this game. They are "kicking up a little dust."

Jerry heads up to Keesha and says he was just in Angie's grasp. Michelle, Jessie and Memphis talk in sauna and she tells them that she needs to calm down or she is going to do physical calm.

Jerry and Michelle go at it in the kitchen. She asks him if he goes with the power and he yells something about how he is not going to kiss their asses.

Jerry takes on Michelle and Jessie and holds his own. They try to put words in his mouth and end up looking like fools.

Michelle is holding court with Memphis and Jessie when they begin to feel the earthquake. She asks "what do I do? What do I do?" Memphis tells her to run into the middle. Keesha, Libra, Dan and April are inside when they feel it and jump up from their seats.

Memphis runs inside and yells for everyone to get outside. Michelle yells "get outside, it's an earthquake" and the house guests pour out.

Jerry comes out and says something about "they pushed the whole house" and everyone tells him it was an earthquake.

Libra discusses Jessie who is outside while he blows her kisses and tells her to go bye-bye. Uh, Err, Ok! Angie totally knows that Jessie is digging his grave.

Libra tells the girls what he is doing and Keehsa says this is all out war. The girls discuss how disrespectful Jessie is. Renny says that she has never met someone more disrespectful.

Jessie walks by Jerry and calls him "Father Time." The group talks about how he thinks he is staying and how he thinks he is a big tough guy.

Libra, tells Ollie and April about Jessie and they all agree he is being stupid and that he needs to go.

Julie calls Michelle out on the airplane banner but Michelle talks a circle around it.

Julie asks Memphis about being called a womenizer. He says he would rather be punched in the face than have someone attack his character. Jerry talks about how he apologized to Memphis.

Julie talk to Keesha in the HOH room. Keesha tells us why she is after Angie when she also wanted Steven out. She will also keep her bond with Libra until the end but has more of a friendship with Renny because Renny is a true friend.

Angie is a great speaker and tells the house guests that they need to evaluate who they will sit with at the end because only one person will win in the end, not an alliance.

Jessie says that he has been consistant and that he stands up for himself. He is not going to sit back when he feels disrespected and knows no one else would either.

Memphis, Michelle, Jerry, Renny, Libra, April, Ollie, Dan all vote out Angie. What did I miss??? I thought Jessie was leaving. I was as backdoored as if I were a house guests.

We learned that Dan is chosen as the America's Choice Player. He will get $20,000 to do America's bidding. Ok, maybe I am getting to old for this show but does America really care about this? Who is calling???

HOH is up for grabs and the house guests are standing on a ledge as BB starts a mock earthquake complete with dust, a breeze and debris in their eyes. We leave them clinging to the edge.

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