Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 12 - Live Elimination

Football took off BB for me and I had to watch online.

April wants Memphis out.

Keesha and Libra are hoping April changes her mind. They finally understand they have to whisper and say that all Jessie does is eat and sleep. Funny becease everytime I see Libra she is in bed.

Keesha doesn't like April she finds her fake and annoying.

Libra tells April that Jessie is coming after them and they want him out. April says, someone is after all of us. Libra says, you want us to come to you but when we do you get upset. I love that everyone always thinks that they are actually friends in this house.

Keesha wants to keep Memphis in this game. Then she spends some time with Dan and they discuss how they trust each other. Keesha and Libra talk about the numbers and how many people they can influence to swing the vote to Jesse. They also talk about how this will create WWIII and how pissed April will be.

Keesha heads out to Dan and Memphis and asks them to come to the room. Libra tells Memphis that if she votes for him her better not put her up. They hug. Dan comes in and they all talk, shake, hug and promise the votes.

April goes to Jerry and says that she was double teamed by two alliance members and that they seem to be trying to swing the vote. Jerry says he will talk to Dan and since he brought Dan into the alliance he knows he will do what he says. He tells her that Jerry, Dan and Ollie will be her boys. Jerry heads over to Dan, he wants to know that Dan will stay loyal to Ollie, himself and April. He wants Dan to remember that they agreed to support HOH so that they are all on the same page. Afterwards he goes to April and tells her that it is done.

Dan talks out loud to the camera, addressing American and what he has to do. He is hoping that America gives him the right choice because it is going to be hard for him to have to lie to someone.

We get to see Dan's senior class and he talks about how much he misses his team. We see his team sitting on the couch watching him pep talk April and Michelle.

It was cute to see these guys cheering and wanting him to do well.

Dan's family his sister and mom were torn on his desicion to take America's challenge. His sister thought it was great and his mom is concerned about the house being suspicious.

Libra asks Dan if she gets an award if she figures out that he is American's player.

Julie asks Michelle if she has gotten used to the Unitard and she says, "I love and hate it, and I look good in it."

Libra is asked by the audience why she chose the Hawaiian vacation over a letter from home. She says her husband would have killed her. They always wanted to go there. Michelle rolled her eyes the whole time she was talking.

Julie talks to April and asks about Libra and Keesha's alliance to her. She says she saved them by getting HOH this week and feels disrespected. When Julie asks about her being able to look at Memphis when he knows that she is coming after him all week, April says he hasn't come up to her once asking to stay or telling his side of the story so she feels he doesn't want to be there. I guess she doesn't realize that he has made an alliance with her allies.

Jessie tells his father happy birthday and then tells the house guests that he would love to stay and play.

Memphis says he wants the guests to vote for themselves and if they feel that he cannot help their game than by all means vote them out. But if they feel he can help their game they should rethink the plan to get him out.

Michelle obviously votes for Memphis along with Ollie and Jerry.

Libra votes to evict Jessie, along with Keesha, Renny, and Dan who just found out America voted to evict Jessie.


Jessie is evicted from the BB house. April looks shocked!

Jessie walks out to a crowd of fans and the house is quiet. Someone is clapping annoyingly but I have no idea who. Michelle must feel very alone in her unitard right now. She walks into the sauna and back, pacing.

Julie tells Jessie he looks shocked and blind-sided. He knows Dan was the swing vote and knows that God has a plan. He also doesn't regret anything he did in the house.

Word Association Game:

Jerry - in really good shape.
Renny - was a trip the first week.
Michelle - Very proud of her.
Libra - Deviant.
Jesse - The man!

Then we get to hear America's wake up calls. I always hated this part of BB. It is so annoying. The houseguests are kept up by annoying messages by BB. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this because it is piped all through the house.

The new HOH game is based on the messages they heard through the night. It is a true or false game and Renny and Ollie are eliminated on the 2nd question. Jerry, Dan, Keesha, Memphis are eliminated. Michelle and Libra are left in the game.

Michelle wins HOH on the next question. She so needed to win if she wanted to stay in the game next week. Jerry goes to Keesha and Libra, we don't hear what he says but they are looking down and he is moving his arms. Ollie goes over and breaks it up. Michelle says, "this is for you mom and dad and then "Jessie I am going to get them."

Michelle now shouts out that the HOH is for Jessie. She says she deserves this after the week she had. Memphis is feeling the love.

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