Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Amateur Book Review - Stori Telling

I recently finished Stori Telling by Tori Spelling. I find the title very cute and witty.

The book was written as if you are reading a letter from one of your girlfriends. It is very open, honest and very, very normal.

Tori openly and candidly tells her side of the tabloid stories. We have been hearing for ages, "you can't believe everything you hear" and Tori sets the record straight in a book that speaks from the heart, makes no apologies and by all accounts is her life as she saw it. She seems very down to earth, someone you would love to be friends with.

I love that she put herself out there, if she was wrong she states it. If someone did her wrong, she states that too. You've got to give the girl credit. Her name alone became a joke and Tori has managed to hold her head up and find her place in the world.

Tori lived her life as the Poor Little Rich Girl and as she states in the book, she was anything but. Yes, her family had money. We all heard about her father ordering up a white Christmas for her and her brother when they were kids but could we even picture that they were dressed in snow suits in over 80 degree weather? I didn't.

Tori tells of the elaborate halloween costumes that she was forced to wear. All she wanted was a plastic costume with the plastic mask.

She discusses her childhood, her time on 90210, relationship with cast members, and falling in love with her married co-star her now husband Dean, her relationship with her parents, how she found out her father died and about his will.

Her strained relationship with her parents is so sad to me and I am so happy that she has been able to find her soul mate and begin to heal her relationship with her mom by having babies of her own.

Since writing this book she has had her second baby a much dream for baby girl. Hopefully Tori will finally be able to really heal from the deep hurt that she suffered as a girl.

Imagine asking your mom if you are pretty and having her say, "When you get your nose job."

Here is an except from Tori's Book.

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