Sunday, July 6, 2008

Outrageous - Horrifying Neglect? Or an Innocent Accident? You decide.

Mom Logic posted a question: Should a couples other 7 children be taken away?

It appears that a couple in Las Vegas who had 8 children failed to realize that their mentally disabled 4 year old son was missing for 17 hours. What?????

Oh wait, it gets better.

They had come home from a church outing and didn't realize they had never taken him out of the vehicle until the next morning. Must have been when dad was heading out to work or mom was taking the car for some chores. What?????

No one notice at lunch, dinner or bedtime. How does a family eat meals and do bedtime without noticing that one was "dying in the car." BTW...actual quote from dad was, "No one ever said anybody was missing or anything. We usually keep Sundays a quiet day, and one got away from us. It never crossed my mind we had one dying in the car."

I believe that they should be charged with murder, neglect, abuse and intent to injure but that is just me.

Actual story can be found here.

Update to this story can be found here: Justice for Jason Rimer.

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OLED TV said...

How can anyone forget his kid? I may think this is intentional.

onangelwings said...

Ol - Agree with you, I could never forget my child but I try not to judge. It is a bit disgusting though.

Jilly said...

Mistakes are made, even with your children. Every single parent will have made a mistake, and anyone who claims they haven't is lying. Parenthood does not come with an instruction manual.

Just the idea of leaving your child in the car for a few minutes by accident makes me uneasy, but it does happen. That doesn't necessarily mean a dreadful parent.

But not noticing that your disabled son is missing? That does make you a dreadful parent. They should have noticed that one of their children was not there, they should have noticed within minutes, seconds. Not 17 hours. The idea of child protection isn't just something that that gets talked about by social workers, it's more than a set of laws. It's a feeling, a primal instinct that should be there in every parent. It's the feeling that there's not much you wouldn't do to protect your children, that nothing is more important to you than their happiness, their welfare. And if you don't have that feeling, you're not a fit parent.