Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bachelorette - Episode 7

3 Guys left....I personally don't think she can do any wrong no matter which guy she chooses but DeAnna is not to sure. DeAnna is going to try to put Graham behind her but I guess we will see.

Jeremy is the first date in the Bahamas and she is concerned that they have been very serious on their past dates. She hopes he can cut loose on their vacation.

They are on a secluded island, riding jet skies and just enjoying each other. Jeremy tells us that he can't imagine his life without her.

Sitting on a blanket, two people who seemed to have a bond suddenly seem so distant. What did I miss? DeAnna tells us that now that Graham is gone, Jeremy seems to be holding back. Huh? Jeremy has made himself perfectly clear. He asks her to tell him something about herself that he doesn't know and she has no answer. Ummm..I like my eggs over easy, my coffee light with milk and my men, strong, hard and ready! Whatever, say something.

They met for dinner and giggle a bit, tell each other how great they look and then she tells him she just wants him to be himself. He tells her that he was the most nervous he has been since meeting her. He says, he cares about her and is afraid to lose her. "I would tell you that I am falling in love with you, but that has already happened."

They head to the fantasy suite and DeAnna tells us that things just keep getting better and better. She would be happy to spend the rest of her life with him and she is on cloud nine.

Her next date is with Jason and she really wants to make this date all about him which is great considering she is on a with him. She has strong feelings for him since the home town date and tells us that "he is always so excited to see me, he always runs to me". It almost sounds like she is talking about a dog.

They go off roading and DeAnna is happy to see Jason not play it safe. She was bouncing around the jeep, that crazy Jason.

They take a floating dock over to a picnic and enjoy discussing their food likes and how they both try everything once. Then they feed the fish and head on over to a kayak waiting for them. Neither have ever kayaked before so I guess they are kayak virgins, tee hee...

DeAnna and Jason both tell us that they feel the date brought them closer together.

At dinner Jason tells her that if she wants to talk about Ty they can, but he wants to talk about them. She says, they can talk about both and he says, "that's great, that's my two favorite subjects right now."

DeAnna doesn't want the date to end and hand Jason the card telling them about the fantasy suite. He doesn't even finish reading it, grabs her hand and says, "let's go."

Back at the suite he gives her a little box with the tiniest sand dollar to remember their time together. Then he tellsher that he is falling in love with her.

DeAnna tells us that she is falling for Jason.

Next up is her date with Jesse (hey wait I just realized she has all J's: Jason, Jeremy and Jesse), she tells us that she needs him to be like her boyfriend today.

Jesse runs up to DeAnna and tells her that she always looks so hot. He tells us that he is falling for DeAnna "so hard". He also says that he doesn't want the other "knuckheads to get a shot at that." At what Jesse?

They take a horse ride in the surf and then settle down for a picnic.

If Jesse says, "you know" or "ridiculous" any more I am going to scream. Ummm...hello branch out babe. Find some more words.

At dinner (love DeAnna's outfit), Jesse asks D the question. The one that scares him to death. "When do you want to have kids? Right away?" She tells him she wants to be a young mom and he says he wants to be a young dad.

Then they discuss location and living in a snowy area for Jesse. She asks about his future career, "what are you going to do when there is no more sledding?" He tells her he needs to get his priorities straight, find the girl of his dreams and be happy."

She gives him the fantasy suite card and he tells her that he doesn't know if he can go to the fantasy suite until he meets her dad. She is shocked, he laughs and says he is just kidding.

I am wondering what goes on in those fantasy suites. She has had 3 different men that she has made out with all day long before heading into the PRIVATE suite. Ummm...inquiring minds want to know.

We head into the rose ceremony and DeAnna tells us that after letting Graham go she had no idea she could fall in love with any of these guys. Now, she is falling in love with all 3. Hello!!

"Jeremy, is perfect and has all the qualities that every girl would want."
"Jason, is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met."
"Jesse, that guy who started out as my friend and has continually grown on me ever since."

OK, wait...I am watching this right now and at the moment, (even though I already know the ending) I am thinking how amazing Jeremy looks. Damn!

She hands out roses to Jesse, and then Jason which obviously leaves poor Jeremy. She walks him out and tells him that he is perfect and that she is stupid for sending him home. She tells him that she has a bond with him that she doesn't have with any of the other guys but didn't want to confuse that bond with being in love.

He tells her that he is in love with her and that this is one of the worst days of his life.

At the car he whispers that he is going to miss her and she tells him the same.

In the car Jeremy says he didn't see this coming and that he doesn't want to lose another person he loves again. He asks the car to stop. He gets out and walks around. Poor Jeremy.

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