Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 8

You know, I keep recapping this damn show because I hate not finishing something I have started. I really hate this season. I could care less about anyone in the damn house. Hopefully my opinion will change or this 3X a week gig is going to totally suck!


Angie and Jesse is pissed that she is on the box. Memphis is pissed and thinks it was a bonehead move.

Michelle is worried that her key was in last.

Keesha is patting herself on the back for drawing some lines that were uh already there.

Jerry and Dan talk about Memphis. Jerry thinks he is a womanizer and should be moving on with his life. He thinks Memphis he is the strongest player in the house.

Jessie is in the HOH telling Keesha that Libra is orchestrating everything. He tells her that Libra is the reason Steven went up. He tells her that Libra is just using her. Why does Keesha always look like she is about to cry or like she smells something bad?

April and Libra head in after he leaves and try to get Keesha to talk about what was said but she just tells them that he is being cool about being nominated.

Jessie who is telling everyone that Libra is orchestrating everything turns to the camera and gives a tribal cry because he has Michelle doing his bidding.

The Veto competition begins and Keesha draws Libra. Angie draws Ollie and Jessie picks Memphis. Keesha chooses Dan to host the competition.

Good Lord the house guests head outside dressed as flowers. Geez. I am just glad that Renny and Jerry are not in the competition. The guests have to plant themselves in their flower box. Then BB will water them until the house guests feel that they have been watered enough. They will have water dropped on their forehead and they must get out when they feel they have been in for 1 hour.

The house guests have to decide if they want to put compost or worms on the flowers and they chose worms. Keesha does a whole lot of screaming and Ollie was freaking.

Keesha is the first one out because of the worms. She is freaked and grossed out.

Jessie while in the flower box has Libra say that she was the reason he put Steven up.

Compost is put on the participants and they complain about it smelling like vomit. I am actually grossed out. Libra and Ollie talk and she gets up. Jessie says, "Jessie will be out" and he gets out.

Angie goes, Ollie is next and Memphis is last. The power was won by Keesha who left closest to an hour without going over with 21 minutes.

Angie heads up to Keesha and tries to talk her into putting Libra up. She tells her that she should take Jessie off and put Libra up. She cries and tells her that she respects whatever she decides to do.

April is in Keesha's room and they discuss Libra. April says that with Libra having a target on her back it could affect everyone on the alliance. Ollie doesn't want to be affiliated with someone like her.

Keesha says that Libra's mouth is way, way out of control but she had given Libra her word in the first few days and her word is all she's got.

She decides not to use the pwer of veto on anyone and the nominations stay the same.

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