Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Brother Episode 5

What is Libra doing? Why is she so damn bossy? If she wanted to mother people she could have stayed home with her 5 month old twins. She has become crazy, psycho chick.

Steven is upset that he is on the block.

Jessie is praising himself with winning competitions and not having a target on his back.

Dan and Jessie have been talking and Jessie is hoping to use and trust Dan.

Steven tries to tell Angie to realign herself. He tells her that she needs to distance herself so that she isn't the next one picked off.

Michelle gives Jessie a pedicure. Michelle tells us that Jessie is her best friend in the house and that outside the house her friends are mostly guys.

Memphis and Jessie approach Angie to try to form an alliance with themselves and Michelle.

Steven, Renny, Angie, Dan and Keisha discuss Hurricane Katrina. Steven and Renny both went through Katrina. Steven finds himself bonding with Renny because of this.

Steven and Keisha talk about her winning the POV and taking him off the block.

POV competition involves Dan, Steve, Jessie, Michelle, Libra, and Keisha. It will be hosted by Jerry.

Keisha tells the girls she doesn't want Steven out of the house. Michelle is wondering what she is thinking and feels she is an idiot.

Michelle runs to Jessie and Memphis to tell them she doesn't trust Keisha.

POV begins and the players are playing a scramble game. Dan is the first one out. Jessie is out next. Keisha takes the lead. Steven is eliminated. Michelle and Keisha are tied. Libra is eliminated. Keisha blows it and Michelle wins VETO. Michelle asks us if she looks good in gold. Yuck!

Jessie, tells Angie and Steven why Keisha was trying to stay in the game.

Keisha apologizes to Steven in front of Libra and when she leaves the room. Steven asks why she said that in front of her and that she needs to watch her back. He tells her that they were all sitting on the bench talking about her.

Keisha and Renny talk and Keisha tells her that everyone is talking about her.
Keisha talks the Jessie, Keisha and Michelle about how she wasn't going to use the POV. She was staying in the game to prove herself.

Keisha goes to Jessie and Memphis and tells him that Libra is stirring lies and causing drama. She believe that she is the one that she be sent packing this week. The guys agree and decide to talk to Michelle and get Libra out. They want to back door her.

Keisha tells Renny and Jerry about Libra causing trouble. Renny tells Jerry that Libra was talking about him and her "you two are the oldest people on the team." Jerry says he is going to go after her and calls her a bitch and Keisha says she is two faced.

Jerry heads to Libra's room and says, "I understand you said that slow, old guys were on your team and that is why you lost." She screams and says, "I did not say that. I did not say there was some slow, old person on my team." She screams and follows him out after he tells her not to scream at him. She says, I just told them to even out the teams.

Jerry and Libra walk around yelling and screaming and Libra points to April and says, "she was the one who said that."

Jerry leaves while Libra runs around the house hoping to confront the person who told Jerry that she said she had old people on her team. Jerry tells her that the other old person told him.

Renny chases Libra down when she sees her running back to tell the girls and they argue and scream over who said what and who put the words in whose mouth. Too funny. I swear she reminds me of Edith Bunker. Bwaaahhh...ok...sorry...I cracked myself up.

Steven goes to Jessie and tells him they should put Libra up. Jessie tells him to go talk to Michelle because she is the one who can do it.

He tries talking to Michelle and she says that she is the one who has to stick her neck out. Steven tells her to leave him on the block, take Dan off and put Libra up. She tells him that she has to think about it and put it into perspective.

Michelle chooses not to use the POV, leaving the nominations the same. Dan and Steven stay up.

It looks to me as if Steven will be going home but not before he "pushes people's faces in the toilet.


Chuck said...

I'm unfamilar with the Big Brother thing and this is Episode 5. Hmmm. Who are these people? *laughing* Anyway, i have an award for you. If you would like to pick it up, it's here: Thanks for Play’n

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