Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 7

Dan says that his plan as a weak player is working.

Keesha winning HOH tells us that she held back her screams when she won.

Michelle and Libra were very happy that Keesha won.

Dan tells us that he threw the HOH.

April thinks Keesha is a sweetheart. Wait don't those girls hate each other

This should be an interesting episode. All the girls are kissing her ass.

Keesha tells the girls that she doesn't know who to put up. Libra is worried that Keesha is sleeping with the enemy. Libra approaches Keesha to tell her how happy she is that she got HOH. Keesha tells us that she is changing the game.

We get to see Keesha's HOH room. She shows off her dog Gizmo. Everyone except Renny leaves the room so that Keesha can read her letter from home. Keesha tells us that she asked Renny to stay because she is the only person in the house that she trusts.

Keesha cries over her letter. Renny hugs her while she sobs. Keesha thanks Renny and tells her that she trusts her most in the house. Renny tells Keesha that she can't trust Libra. Keesha says she has been all over her since she won and they both talk about how Libra will stab you in the back. They are interrupted by April who comes in smiling. Renny leaves. Keesha tells April she is not going to do what the house wants. The hug and say that this is between the 2 of them. Libra rings in then Ollie rings in.

Keesha tells the 3 of them that she wants to put Angie out. She feels that she didn't have Steven's back. Libra, Ollie and April tell Keesha that they have her back. Keesha tells us that Libra is one of her targets and she doesn't even know it.

Keesha tells Memphis that he wants to put Angie up. Memphis tells her that Angie is not coming after her and that she would have stuck with the plan if she won HOH.

Renny and Angie ring into the room and Keesha asks if they can have 5 minutes. Renny and Angie leave and head downstairs. Michelle and Jessie are in the gym. Why the hell is Michelle always in that sauna? Has it ever been used as much as it is this season by Michelle?

Angie tells them that she they are grilling Memphis in HOH. Angie knows that she is a target.

Keesha tells Memphis that she feels Angie was the reason Steven left the house and asks that this conversation stay between them. He heads downstairs and Jessie asks what the verdict is. Memphis says he doesn't know. He tells them that she thinks Angie is gunning for them. Memphis tells Jessie that he isn't sure that she is putting Angie up but if he talks to her to not mention that Memphis spoke to him.

Dan goes to HOH, Keesha tells him that she wants to talk to him because she hasn't had the chance. She asks if he has an alliance and he says no. Keesha tells him that it was supposed to be him going up and she isn't going to put him up but she wants him to cover her ass if he gets HOH. He talks again about how he gave Brian his word and she tells him she knows and that she respects him for that.

Keesha tells Libra that she felt that Libra always doubted her. She also tells her that she was open with Libra and that she felt hurt when she targeted her. Libra tells her that she was targeting her relationship with Steven. She tells Keesha that she respects whatever she has to do but she is shaking in her boots.

The girls are discussing slop and April wonders if the next competition will be an eating disgusting things competition like pigs feet or pig ears. Michelle says she loves that food and that is how they do it Porteugese style.

Keesha asks if she is serious. She talks about pigs that when she was in portugal some guy danced with a slaughtered pig who was dressed as a bride. Ahhhh interesting.

The house guests walk outside to a BB Valley High Sock Hop. April tells us that she "loves the 60's, you know the poodle skirts."

The house guests have to match socks. 1 guy, 1 doll sit on spinning records and find socks, then they run to a wall and place them there.

Libra was worried that she is stuck with Jerry as a partner but then realizes that this might be good for her alliance. I am wondering why all the girls are confused over the colors of the socks. April and Keesha never got their color right.

You have to love Renny's voice. She is like a hawk screaming. Uggghhhh...crazy!

The house is back on food minus the wine thanks to Renny and Dan who didn't match socks correctly. Oh well, poor Renny, she will have to slum with a cold brew.

April and Ollie lie around talking about the books they like to read. While they talk he plays with her hair. She asks him to open up to her and they discuss relationships. He says that he sees road constructions signs everywhere and that he can't proceed until the sign is correct. She talks his language and they talk about how he has to sometimes stop seeing everything as a detour and maybe see it as a proceed with caution.

Keesha and April talk in HOH and April tells her that she is not doing this alone. Keesha is happy that April is there. April proceeds to tell her why Memphis would be a good candidate to go on the block. She tells her that America would love her for it. I love that she thinks she can speak for me.

Keesha asks Jessie to vote for Angie to go. Jessie tells her she should put Libra up because Libra creates drama. He tells her to put up Dan with Libra and that Libra will get herself kicked out because "she will show her true colors."

Angie knows she is a target and expects to be put up. Libra is worried about Keesha holding her birth sign against her. Ummm ok. Jessie feels pretty safe.

Keesha calls the nomination ceremony and Dan is the first person who is safe. Good for him. It is about time he was let off the damn block. Renny is safe, April, Memphis, Ollie, Libra, Jerry, Michelle is safe. Which means Jessie and Angie is up for eviction.

Keesha tells Angie that she nominated her because it wasn't fair that Dan and Steven took the fall. She tells Jessie that it is a little personal. She feels he sent one of her dear friends home.

Keesha tells us that Jessie's arrogance got him nominated because doesn't he NOT know that SHE is the HOH? Michelle is pissed! Jessie hopes she loses.

Can't wait to see what my favorite recappers are saying.

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