Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Bachlorette - Final Rose

So was anyone as surprised as I was last night?

I mean, up until Jason stepped out of the first limo I thought she was choosing him. Then I thought perhaps the producers were trying to trick us and perhaps he would be told he was picked and get to watch from a plane as they have done before.

Nope, I was wrong...

Poor Jason was sent packing. I don't understand why she let him get down on one knee. There was a big pause where she could have said something but she didn't and only stopped him after he was already down on his knee.

It was so cute to see Jesse and DeAnna when he proposed to her. Not saying that one was better than the other but honestly, I love Jason.

Jason, Mr. Romantic, sweet, honest, loving, safe, guy. But DeAnna want a safe guy? I doubt it. At least we know she isn't in it for the money! She let some pretty well off guys go Jason is an Account Executive and a Jeremy a Lawyer.

As for the After the Rose Ceremony, I was impressed with the way Jason carries himself. I love that he stands by his convictions. When he asked her when she knew he wasn't the one and she tried to say something about his son never being the reason, he said, "no...that wasn't my question." As if to say, if he was ever an issue there would have been no me and you anyway.

Ok...getting on to what happened leading up to the final rose.

We are in Georgia and DeAnna introduces her guys to her family.

Jason is the first one to met them and comes bearing beautiful flowers and a basket of wine or something. Cute. He asks her father for permission to marry her if she were to chose him. He tells her sister that he is in love with her and never felt this way before and DeAnna seems very content, proud and happy to be on his arm.

She worries about Jesse as Jason leaves because her family LOVED Jason. She is fear that they will not give Jesse the benefit considering just how different both guys are and she knows Jesse will be very nervous.

Jesse comes and IS very nervous. He isn't as forthcoming and the visit doesn't go as easy as Jason's.

After both guys leave, DeAnna tells her father that she feels "safe" with Jason and knows he shares the same family values that she does. Her dad thinks Jason's confession of love was more "heartfelt" than Jesse's was. DeAnna is disappointed to learn that Jesse did not ask for her father's blessing the way Jason did. Her father warns her that Jesse might not be as sure of what he wants as Jason is.

The next day the guys are going over to meet DeAnna's extended family but do not realize they will be doing it together. They both admit it is hard to see her holding the hand of the other guy. You think?

DeAnna's grandmother wants DeAnna to pick Jason. The sister and sister-in-law after chatting with Jesse find out how down to earth he is and that he should continue being himself. A "rad" free spirit.

Jesse asks DeAnna's father for permission to marry his daughter should he be chosen. Her dad says, he is honored to be asked and that Jesse has to keep his hair short if he is with his daughter.

Then they head to Bahamas for their final dates, where Jeremy is waiting to talk to DeAnna. He believes she's making a terrible mistake, but as kindly as she can, she assures him that as much as she cares about him, she doesn't love him and she couldn't bring herself to lead him on. She says it kills her that she doesn't love him back but she has to be honest with him.

She and Jesse head to a private island where they spend the day kissing. They head back to the room and he realizes it's his last chance to tell her how he feels, so he presents her with a "book of thoughts," in which he's written, "I truly believe you are my soulmate. I love you with all my heart." They kiss, but she doesn't tell him she loves him back, as she wants to be sure she's only saying that to one man.

The next day is her date with Jason. They go swimming with sharks! DeAnna talks about how exciting it is to see Jason live on the edge. At the hotel, he gives her a present to show how much she means to him. He made board game that has them reenacting all their dates, including their first kiss. One card instructs her to ask him something new and he says, "I love you D., I think you're perfect for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

DeAnna is floored by how romantic he is and says, "He makes me feel like no one else does."

I think Jason has it in the bag and so does he.

He arrives the next day to a smiling DeAnna. They hug, smile, and he goes down on one knee to propose. She stops him and asks if she can talk to him. She tells him that "although I am falling in love with you, I love someone else."


DeAnna feels terrible about sending Jason away but believes she "can't live without" Jesse, and that in him, she has found her soulmate.

Jesse approaches, they kiss he goes down on his knee and says, yada, yada, ""DeAnna Marie Pappas, will you spend forever with me?"


She says, "I love you, I've waited so long to say that. I can't believe I'm going to marry the guy with the pink shoelaces!"

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