Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BB 10 Episode 4

In episode 4 we learn:
That Jessie is HOH. Jessie is in love with himself.
That April and Libra can be bitches.
That Renny dresses like a man in drag.
When April hugs someone she jumps up on them.
Keisha and Steven are animal lovers.
"Being from New Orleans", Renny likes to drink her wine.
Dan needs privacy to go to the bathroom.
Steven is head over heels in love.

The house is divided into 2 groups; the few that liked Brian and the others who didn't.

Memphis and Jesse decide to work together.

Angie finds that the girls are against her. Dan knows that he is going up on the bench.

April and Libra talk about who Jessie should put up. They think he should not waste a vote on Renny. They want Angie out. Why, I am not sure. Probably because she isn't trying to get into their girl click.

Everyone but Steven head to Jessie's room. Jessie the body builder discussing all his rips and poses. He is happy to show off. The guests look bored and disgusted with his body muscle talk. I would be too. They notice Steven on the monitor and Jessie is upset that Steven didn't come up to them room. He finds it disrespectful.

Jessie says he wants to put Renny up and Libra says, "no".

Keisha and Angie discuss the cattiness of the girls. They try to distance themselves and Keisha talks about how much she hates April.

The house guests want Dan and Steven up and Jessie still burnt from his moment with Renny wants her up. He isn't thinking about the game he is just thinking about how much he feels that she disrespected him. He is a putz.

Angie and Libra sit and talk with Jerry. He makes them both cry when he talks about his wife and how she told him to put her in a home so that his life doesn't get ruined. Is he sincere? I wonder if the biggest Big Brother fan is playing those girls, securing their vote in case they are not in the top 3. I shudder to think it but you never know.

Steven and Keisha talk about their dogs and how much they are worried that their dogs might forget them.

The food competition takes the house guests out to the yard for a vino from hell game. April and Libra are upset that Libra and Renny are on their team and Keisha thinks that they need to look at themselves.

They have to break the teams into 3 groups. 2 catches, 2 throwers and 2 pluggers. It totally sounds like a gay porn theme.

Throwers will toss corks to the pluggers who are popping the corks into holes in big jugs situated above the ground. The catches have to catch wine in their glasses, run over and pour it into wine bottles. The team with the most wine in the bottles wins.

April had a problem throwing corks. Memphis tries to get her to shout out something when she throws because she is hitting them in the head.

The green team: Dan, Jessie, Angie, Ollie, Steven, and Michelle won the game.

Libra and April who had been on the red team are upset. April insists that they got their corks done first. I guess she doesn't understand that if they are bouncing off the catchers heads, they aren't able to plug the holes. She is certain that the people who were plugging and the people who are pouring didn't do their jobs.

Libra gets confrontational and tells April that if she wants to blame her go ahead. April says she isn't blaming her. Libra says everyone did they best they could. Jerry says, "we played, we lost, we pay the price." Keisha tells everyone that Renny did a good job. She is happy to see April and Libra upset.

Dan asks to use Jessie's restroom. He asks to use it and Jessie tells him it's ok. He wants to get Jessie alone to feel him out. Ollie goes up to the room with Jessie and they both are surprised to see him. Jessie is very surprised. I am not sure why Jessie forgot that he had given permission.

Libra and April ask Memphis why he is so unemotional. He says losing his dad was the beginning of his problem and getting his heart broken by a girl.

Dan goes to Jessie to plead his case and try to keep himself off the block. He tells him that he true to his word and open to anything, whatever that means. Jessie tells him that he respects him and the way he is playing the game.

Jessie wants Renny out. Dan feels better after his conversation with Jessie. Steven doesn't think Jessie sees anyone as a threat because he is cocky.

Jessie calls the nomination ceremony. Keisha is safe, Ollie, safe, Michelle safe, Jerry safe, April safe, Libra safe, Memphis safe, Angie safe, Renny safe. This leaves Dan and Steve. The reason is that Jessie feels they showed their cards too soon. Jessie tells Steven he was disrespected when Steven didn't come to the HOH room. Steven says he was asleep when everyone went up and Jessie tells him it took him almost 24 hours to come up after.

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