Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Brother - Season 10 Begins

Can you believe there have been 10 years of BB? That is simply crazy. I am pathetic, and have watched but 1 season but it never lets me down.

The characters this season aren't nearly as annoying as last season with one exception. Renny!

The house - Nice, really nice

The guests - Jerry who is a kick ass grandpa, April who "knows how to handle men", Libra who is a mom and will be leaving 5 month old twins, Steven the gay, rodeo champion, Renny, who we "can't start the party without" and more.

No one knows each other prior to tonight, something that hasn't happened since season 3.

Different this season; the house guests will be choosing an HOH right now! Before they even enter the house. Based on looks alone and gut instinct!

Renny, Dan, Angie, Jesse and April are told to enter the house.

Libra, Brian, Keesha and Memphis enter next.

Steven, Jerry, Michelle and Ollie are the last to enter.

The house guests are with me and already annoyed by Renny, 15 minutes into the house.

The house guests open the champagne and start introducing themselves to each other. For some reason when we get to April, she decides to fess up with "my boobs are real." Everyone screams, hoots and hollers while she walks around thrusting her tits in everyone's face. As if this isn't disturbing enough, I was sent over the edge when she begs Jerry (75 year old) to grab them, "come on Jerry, come on Jerry." Then Jerry grabs them....huh? What? Gross! Disturbing!

Libra, asks him how his heart is as he high fives others. I am just grossed out and so is Renny.

Jerry is already in love with the "kids" and everyone toasts.

Back from break...

Next up, a food challenge. I am is Jerry going to do competitions?

The guests walk outside after changing into their team colors to a backyard complete with 2 classic cars (1 will be won by the winner).

The groups have to work together to move cars that are hanging upside down by pulling a rope and moving back and forth to pick up gas.

The house guests decide together who will be the last person in the car based on whether they want to win the car.

Red team is the first one across and they make Renny drop out first because she wasn't pulling and just complaining about people being on her leg.

White team hasn't learned how to drop out to get their gas so they are a little big behind in the competition.

Red team is a full length ahead of the white team.

Jerry takes a fall as he drops out of the car.

Too funny, as the red car is on its last trip the team jumps down to push the car along. Renny, deciding she must be a team player a little too late jumps down after they are already running and as she catches up, takes a fall. Red wins...and the white team is on slop. Which means, 75 year old Jerry will be eating nothing but slop for a week. Hope there is a doctor on staff.

Now, it's time for the elected HOH to be announced: Renny has 3 votes and Jerry wins with 4 votes.

Dan already wants to get to Jerry to tell him who he thinks should be nominated. What????

I love these people who come in "playing the game" from the first few hours. He will be out very soon I am sure. Dan already has zeroed in on Brian to be his token buddy.

Dan and Brian talk in the bathroom and talk about possibly bringing in Ollie because "he's cool."

Next we get to see Jerry's HOH room. As he opens the door, everyone chants "Jerry, Jerry."

The girls talk about how hot Jerry was. Jerry tells us he is married for 54 years and got married when he was 20. He wants to win this game for his wife, his children and several of his grandchildren. I guess not all of them.

Renny is just too much. I am not even sure that this is her real personality. I mean who talks like this. The lights are out. Everyone is in bed and Renny tries to leave the room "to take off her face" but starts ranting, screaming and shouting that the door is locked. She sounds like a bird in a cage with that shriek cackle "It's locked". It wasn't locked! I think she was trying to push when she should have pulled. Then her laugh was like a squeaky bed spring. Yikes! God bless her husband.

Jessie can't sleep and is pretty pissed about the Renny noise. He tells her why he is up and she apologizes then tells him to lighten up and give her a break.

We see Renny put on a nighttime wig with a scarf around the front and then she walks by a bunch of house guests in the living room. (BB plays the craziest Renny music. I can't wait to see if this becomes "the Renny" theme when she is doing something crazy like walking). The guys discuss how she is weird and "not on the reservation" or something when she sits down. Doesn't say anything, just sits. They all look around and she leaves. BB editing? Probably. There was probably a whole weird 10 minutes of boring dialogue but it would be stranger if we saw her sit and walk away.

Brian meets with Jerry in the HOH room and they discuss forming an alliance because they were both in the service. Brian tells us that he will keep Jerry around until his ship starts to sink.

When Brian asks what Jerry is thinking for nominations, Jerry mentions Memphis and Dan because Dan is a lose cannon. Brian asks that he think about waiting on Dan because he is in my alliance...uh ummm until I can find out more about him.

Brian wants Jessie against Renny. Jerry is worried that Renny will scream at him and Brian tells him that then she seals her own fate. Jerry mentions that he likes Jessie and that Renny picked on Jessie last night.

Jessie worries that his physique makes him a pretty big target. Jerry thinks he is safe.

Jerry calls a nomination ceremony and tells everyone that it is hard to look at everyone and try to judge who should stay and who should go.

Michelle safe, Angie safe, Memphis, Libra, April, Brian, Steven, Keisha, Ollie, Dan safe...

Renny and Jessie are up for eviction because Jerry says, there was some conflict between them and he has decided that the house guests should choose who stays and who goes.

Jessie is pissed because he feels like Renny put him there. Renny says it's on because of Weasal Jessie. Jerry feels that these two will self destruct.

Brian feels that he is the puppet master and that Jerry is following the plan nicely. "These nominations are a large victory for Brian" What the fuck Brian???? I hate people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person.

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