Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 6

It eviction night at the BB house. Steven and Dan are up and one will be sent home. Who will it be?

Julie in her orange suit recaps BB so far. Love the live audience.

Libra wants Steven and the floaters to go one after the other.
Oh is Keesha not Keisha. Sorry!

Steven goes to Dan and tells him that he has to do what he can to keep himself in the house. You have to respect him. I believe he is the first person in BB to let the other nominee what he is going to do.
Steven goes to Ollie, Libra, Keesha and April to talk about how he is under the "Brian cloud." He tells them that he might be a bigger threat but that makes him a better ally.
The group talks about how the house is divided. Jessie, Angie, Memphis, Michelle on one side and Ollie, Keesha, April and Libra on the other. They decide to grab one of the floaters on their side.
Dan goes to Jessie and Michelle and tells them that he is on their side and will do whatever they want. They discuss trust. They tell him he has their vote.

Angie and Memphis are sitting on the couch and Libra and April are playing pool. Angie tells him she can't stand them. Memphis tells her to be careful.

Keesha and Libra talk about the bonds in the house. Memphis and Angie and Michelle and Jessie.

Keesha wants to get everyone to keep Steven. She is sure that it would be crazy in the house if he was to stay
The live audience has a question for Jerry. They want to know if he thinks his house guests respect him as a competitor. He feels they owe it to him because he has proved himself.

Libra is asked if age makes a difference in the game. She says, that it would be great if things were even.

Julie asks if love is in the air. She asks April about Ollie. April says, that Ollie is a great guy and that he is easy to talk to.

Ollie is asked what he thinks his father would say about his "showmance." He says his father would be happy if he was happy. He thinks his dad is giving him "a round of applause."

Then we see a clip of Renny's family telling us how she is the life of the party, complete with clips of Renny acting crazy in the house. You can tell from her pictures she was a gorgeous women by
Her son thinks Jessie is a punk and wasn't raised to expect his elders.

Jessie's family talks about how Jessie was a "runt."

His mother says that it takes a while to get to know him. She feels that Renny exploited him as the bad guy.

Then we see a bunch of video of Jessie flexing while the girls drool all over him. They call him a piece of meat and make yummy sounds, all while his mother tells us that he can be a body builder, and be the next Governor.

Julie talks with Jessie and asks him if he thinks his housemates think of him as a body and not a brain. He thinks because of his age that they see him as a muscle brain.

He feels his biggest weakness is people seeing him as in a group with Michelle.

Michelle is the first to vote and she votes for Steven along with Memphis, Angie, Jerry, Libra which means Steven is evicted. The remaining house guests also vote for Steven.

Steven is told he is evicted and quietly everyone walks him out. Steven walks out to a huge crowd screaming for him. Julie asks what is harder riding a bull or playing this game. Steven says, playing the game is harder because a bull ride is only 8 seconds. He cries as he listens to everyone's goodbye messages.

BB sent aliens to scare the house guests. April is blow drying her hair when she sees one and screams. Jessie is the next one to be freaked, followed by Renny who screamed through the house. Then things started disappearing around the house, food, water, props, and accent pieces. Which of course preludes into a competition for HOH. They house guests have to try to remember which room the items are disappearing from. It is a face-off and the last person standing, will be the new HOH.
April and Dan face off, Dan wins.
Renny and Libra face off, Renny answers incorrectly, Libra wins.
Memphis and Angie face off, Memphis wins.
Ollie and Jerry face off, Jerry answers incorrectly, Ollie Wins.
Michelle and Keesha face off, Michelle answers incorrectly, Keesha wins.
Libra and Dan face off, Libra wins.
Memphis and Keesha face off, Keesha wins.
Ollie and Libra face off, Libra wins.
Keesha and Libra face off, Libra answers incorrectly making Keesha the new HOH.

Keesha, the first female so far this season is happy to have won.

Libra has lost 12 pounds so far this season from being on slop. I think I have found my new diet.

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