Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Episode 2

We start out with Jerry's nominations of Renny and Jessie.

Brian tells us that he is exploiting Jerry's trust.

Renny is confrontational and Jessie walks away. He heads up to Jerry's room while Renny talks about how immature he is to the rest of the group.

Jerry tells about Solomon's story, something about cutting a baby in half because he isn't going to decide who is right or who is wrong.

He confronts her and she has nothing to say. He tells her to say what is on his mind. She has nothing to say but calling him a baby, a weasel, and a punk.

Brian thinks he has Jerry eating out of his hand.

The house guests are in Jerry's room and now that Renny has an audience she tries to talk to Jessie. She tells him that she is sorry, then calls him a liar because he says "thank you for apologizing and it only took you a day and a half.

Brian tells Ollie and Michelle that Renny is causing drama and that she is going to self destruct.

Brian already feels that he has the game wrapped up as he walks around telling everyone, I have Jerry doing what I want and I can keep you safe for another week. Brian is missing that likability factor that Dr. Will sported. I am not quite sure why he thinks he is holding all the cards.

Brian tells Dan and Ollie that Jerry was going to put him up. He tells them that no one has band together on the other side to oppose his number. "I've got you two, I've got Jerry, I have enough votes to where I can do whatever the fuck I want and no one is going to have the balls to try to take me down."

Ollie has the hots for April. They flirt! She tells us that he is someone she would date. He tells her that if he won HOH, the only way he would only put her up is if they put a gun to his head.

BB10's first Veto Competition - Jerry pulls Memphis name, Renny gets Michelle and Jessie pulls April. Angie will be hosting the competition.

The house guests walk outside to the biggest bed I have ever seen. The guests need to dive through a stream of honey, jump on the bed, pull open the pillows with the colors that match their bed clothes, get the veto bear inside and run back through the honey too the veto jars where they are to shove their bears in. was too funny...everyone looked feathered. Jessie wins with 5 bears.

Jerry is concerned with his decision. He has to put someone else up for eviction.

Dan and Brian discuss how Memphis should be the next one put up.

Brian goes to Jerry and tells him that Memphis should go because he is a strong player.

Ollie is sitting with the girls and tells them that they have nothing to be worried about, they are not a target. Brian walks in and Ollie tells him that the girls are nervous. The girls ask who Brian thinks is going up and he says, "Memphis is going home this week."

After Ollie and Brian leave, Libra asks the girls, "did you see that? He is trying to be Dr. Will. Trying to tell us what to do. Trying to do that whole mind thing."

Libra is with April in the bathroom and tells her that Ollie, Dan and Brian are working together. April become upset and says that she really likes Ollie and is pissed that he is treating her this way.

They ask Ollie to come in and ask point blank if he is with Dan and Brian.

Ollie takes April and Libra to the food pantry to tell them the truth. April feels betrayed by Ollie and he is upset that she feels that he would betray her like that. Together the 3 of them decide to talk to Memphis and take Brian out.

Ollie goes to Memphis and tells him that Jerry is going to put him up.

Memphis goes to Jessie and tells him that Brian thinks he has the votes.

The house guests talk about going to Jerry and telling him to put Brian up.

April goes to Jerry who is sitting with Dan and Brian. She asks if she can use his restroom and brings him upstairs. The rest of the house guests are waiting to ambush Jerry.

Jerry goes to open his HOH door for April and Ollie calls him over to where they are all sitting, "right here buddy." Jerry is floored. Poor ole guy never knew what what coming.

Ollie heads up the meeting, he informs Jerry that there is a player who has been in contact with multiple players. The he tells him that he has to put Brian up. Jerry holds up his hands and Ollie says, "we know this is tough. It's tough for everybody."

The rest of the house proceed to tell Jerry how Brian has an alliance with each of them.

Jerry tells them that they have all formed an alliance right here. Jessie tells him that he doesn't have the votes and Jerry tells him that he just threatened him.

They all tell Jerry that they promise him he will not be put up next week. He says, he doesn't trust anyone enough to believe that.

Because everyone seems quiet and stressed, Brian assumes it is because Memphis will be put up, because "that is what I asked Jerry to do, so that is what he should be doing."

Jessie holds the veto ceremony and takes himself off the block.

Jerry stands up and talks about how he made an alliance that he had hoped with be honest and faithful till the end. He says that it got back to him that someone in his alliance had gone around the house and created alliances all through the house. He also mentions that 8 people went to his room and asked that this person be put up for nomination and that he is going to honor that. He says, "I nominate you Brian."

Brian takes the nomination seat and Dan squirmes in his chair.

Brian tells us, "the player got played."


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