Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bachlorette - The Men Tell All

I really love these shows.

Twilley discussing not really knowing what he wanted to do on the first night.

The guys discuss Jeremy and how much they hated him.

Jeremy takes the hot seat next to Chris.

Chris asks if Jeremy felt that he was two faced and if the guys statements are valid. He says no and that he listened to what DeAnna wanted and he come there to get to know her and that was what he was doing.

The guys discuss how Jeremy is a very genuine person but they felt he was harsh. They felt he was kicking them when they were down because he had a head up on them.

Ron states that he was not jealous. The crowd laughs and Ron tells him that he shouldn't be afraid to get out there and that they want him in the group.

They show Jeremy and DeAnna's relationship progression and then Chris asks about the end. Jeremy says he was shocked and "didn't want to go away."

He has a ton of questions and still gets that kicked in his stomach feeling when he thinks about her. He says, he was in love and that he created this space for her in his life and now there is a void there.

The next in the hot seat is Graham. We watch the progression of their relationship and he says they had some issues and that he was opening up more than we know. He felt that he and DeAnna were not doing what needed to happen in order for the relationship work. He tells Chris they had a special connection.

He is asked about the letter by and audience member and he says that he put what he felt about her in it.

DeAnna comes out and Chris asks Jeremy if he has anything to say. He dries sweaty palms and asks her when she knew when he wasn't the one for her because "you gave me the fantasy suite card and spent the night with me." Umm...what does go on in those private rooms?

She tells him that when she is on a date she only thinks about them. She didn't know he wasn't the one until she went on her dates with Jason and Jesse and she realized that she was falling in love with them. Stab!

When asked about Graham she says that he was always that guy that she couldn't have.

There was some light heartiness with the guys as they played some clips of bloopers. Cute and funny.

We hear from DeAnna that she is happy, that she is in love and that she is engaged.

For next week we hear both guys tell DeAnna how in love with her they are. If we are reading the way the edit the clip. We see Jason very happy as he kneels in front of D and Jesse not so much when they state the words "who will leave broken hearted?" Umm...only a few days until. I can't wait.


OLED TV said...

Lol , i have no clue whats going on here :)

onangelwings said...

Ol - Not a bachlerotte fan?