Monday, April 28, 2008

Adam Wins It All On Big Brother 9

Was anyone surprised? I kind of figured Adam would win.

I loved the round circle where the jurors got to question the guys.

Here is the video of Julie speaking with Ryan and Adam before handing them over the winnings.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goldie Hawn and Liza Minnelli Sing Together

So crazy that I have trouble pulling family memories from my brain but when I found these today, I totally remembered it like it was yesterday.

Oklahoma - Musical Tribute 1982

So funny because I totally remember seeing this on TV. I was 14 years old and sooooo in love John Schneider and soooo jealous that he and Pam were staring at each other. Crazy teenager!

Phantom of the Opera

How could I forgot Fantaine?

The Music of Les Miz still gives me chills

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Final 2

Well, Ryan and Adam are in the final two.

I wonder which one of these bible bros will be crowned the winner of BB.

Either way, they both should be proud to have gone this far. Adam had big problems in the beginning when his partner Sheila was upset to be straddled with him.

She considered him to be the ugliest guy in the house and wondered why she didn't get a nice young hunk. She was rude and nasty to a stranger that she didn't even know based on his looks. Talk about prejudice.

Ryan, who came in secretly with his girlfriend Jen were both paired with other partners. She and her partner were the second couple evicted from the house.

Over at the sequester house I have been trying to guess who will vote for Ryan and who will vote for Adam.

I actually think Ryan will walk away with more votes because everyone will see that he played the game stronger and that Adam rode his coat tails.

Anyone's game.

Personally, this is probably the first BB that I could care less who wins.

American Idol Carly Smithson Was Sent Home????

How crazy.

I cannot believe it.

Obviously, things will be fine for her but I am afraid that this is becoming another popularity contest.

She seems fine since being let go and I still think it should have been Jason Castro (1 of my faves).

Oh well...since this is such a late post (almost a week) I will end it here with video of Carly and Syesha in the bottom 2 on elimination night.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol Recap - Top 6 Perform Musical Numbers

Tonight, AI's top 6 are mentored by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Syesha Mercado sings "One Rock and Roll Too Many." I thought she did a pretty good job and we all agree she could have a career on Broadway. I loved the band interaction and so did the judges.

Jason Castro sang Memory from Cats. He looked as adorable as can be, but it was a bit torturous. He looked uncomfortable singing it and it was uncomfortable to listen to.

Brooke White sang You Must Love Me from one of my favorite musicals Evita. She had a rough beginning where she forgot the last word in the first sentence and started again. That error made her very uncomfortable though out the song. She shows vulnerability but was it because she gets the song or because she fucked up the beginning?

David Archuleta sang some song that I never heard of called Think of Me. It was just ok for me. Randy and Paula loved it though.

Carly Smithson sang Jesus Christ Superstar. She had wanted to sing All I Ask of You from my one of my other favorite musicals Les Miserables' and I would really have liked to hear that but Andy Weber talked her out of it. Oh well! She did an amazing job and her outfit rocked.

David Cook sang Music of The Night of Phantom. God damn I love the music of Phantom. Even the movie was good. Ahhh...David was awesome and I do believe that he has sold a bunch of teenage girls on Phantom. Don't be surprised if there is a surge on Phantom soundtracks this week.

Big Brother 9 - Final 3 Revealed - SPOILER

So we now know who the final 3 are and I am not surprised. Well, maybe just a little.

Want to know.....

Come on.....

Follow the dot.
Sharon is evicted, leaving Ryan, Sheila and Adam.

The 3 part HOH is underway and

Ryan wins part 1

the winner of part 2 will face Ryan in part 3

The winner decides who will come with them to the final 2.

Big Brother 9 - Episode 30 - Final 4

I have been MIA. Things have been a bit crazy lately.

Ryan and Adam try to figure out who the other pre-existing relationship in the house is. We know BB meant the Guinea pigs. They are thinking it's Sheila.

Sharon and Sheila discuss Adam giving Natalie a vote.

Ryan feels like Adam is sucking up to him.

We get to see Ryan's HOH room. Loads of pictures of Jen and Ryan. They joked about Sheila being in a picture with one of Ryan's uncles. (She wasn't)

He reads a letter from Jen where she tells him she is his biggest fan and how she watches him on the live feed 24/7. Yada, yada, yada....

Adam is always crying. So strange. I have never seen a man cry so much. It's kind of sweet.

Sheila tells Adam that he has to vote for her. She tells him how much she loves him and how she has his back. She would rather walk out the door then see his game end.

Ryan confronts Adam on the whole Natalie thing. Adam tells Nat, "I voted for you." He tells Ryan that he said, "What do you want me to do?"

The house guests get to play a luxury contest to win a movie viewing called What happens in Vegas.

Sharon annoys me....why does she always have to scream? She rolls her eyes up and goes "woooooooooooo" Yuck! Hate it! I counted 24 times in 42:32 minutes.

In this luxury challenge the winner gets to see the movie and go to a screening after BB complete with a meeting with the stars of the movie. The loser on the other hand will be shackled to their partner for 24 hours.

The house guests get to smash bottles over each others head to find a ring. I love the bottle smashing. Sheila and Adam smashing each other was too funny.

Ryan and Sharon win and Adam and Sheila get to be shackled. Love it.

The house guests come in to find the "mini" table. The final 4!!!

Ryan tells Sheila that he is putting her on the block but don't worry because you are going to be ok.

Sharon asks Ryan if he wants to talk and she tries to convince him that Adam should go on the block because Adam cannot be trusted. "He wants to keep the blood off his hands, that's why he told Nat he voted for her."

Ryan nominated Sheila and Sharon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Case You Live In A Cave American Idol Fans Sent Kristy Home Last Night

Performances from April 15th in the order I liked them. They did Mariah Carey songs which for me was torture. I have a total Mariah aversion. Just not my type of music.

The best being of course, David Cook

Jason Castro and his beautiful self sang I don't want to cry and did a beautiful job.

David was awesome too and he will probably win this competition. He is not my favorite but I know the teeny boppers who vote, adore him.

Carly Smithson sang one of my favorite songs.

Syesha sang something called Vanishing

Kristy Lee sang Forever

Brooke White was probably my least favorite with Hero.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Brother 9 Til Death Do Us Part - Episode 28

The house is secretly pushing Nat out of the house.

Nat tells Adam that they are going to win POV.

Sharon, Sheila and Nat have a girl party in Sheila's HOH. They bad mouth Adam and how upset he is over being on the block.

Sheila tells Diary that she bashes him because she doesn't want the girls to know that she wants to take him to the end.

In front of Nat; Sheila and Ryan make sure Adam knows he isn't the target.

While Nat sunbathes the rest of the house talks about her counting and her bible lectures.

I wonder where Nat's "feelings" about things are right now. I thought she gets these feelings that tell her what to expect or what is going on.

The POV competition gets underway with the houseguests having to put together various puzzles. Nat is the first one out and at the end says she is a "visual learner" and feels good about her time.

Ryan's time is 6 minutes 1 second, Sheila has 15 minutes and 30 seconds, Adam gets 3 minutes and 20 seconds, Nat has 12 minutes and nine seconds and Sharon gets four minutes 56 seconds, making Adam the winner.

Adam is off the block and is elated.

Sheila tells Sharon that Adam is taking himself off and Nat is going up and out.

Nat knows she is going up due to the slim pickings. She asks the guys to keep her and not send her to sequester. He tells her that she can count her him. Everything she wants to hear.

Ryan tells Nat he is going to HOH to break Sharon and Sheila up. He heads up and Sheila talks about how Nat has to go. He agrees and says, if she wants him to send her home he will.

Nat goes to Sheila because she is worried that Sharon is throwing her under the bus. Sheila feels bad lying to Nat but feels that Nat has lied to her and she will be going home. Sheila reassures her that everything is ok.

For Sheila's birthday, Adam, Ryan and Nat decorate with the help of BB.

Sheila's gift and letter is from her mom. Sheila wasn't aware that her mom watches the show. Her mom is a big fan of BB and has watched all 9 seasons. Sheila had never told her that she was going on. She and her mom have not spoken since Thanksgiving.

Sharon and Adam discuss Chatty Natty. Sharon tells Adam that everyone wants to take her to the end because she will never be able to win. She won't have the votes.

Adam goes to Ryan and tells him what Sharon told him. Ryan tells him that is what she has to say.

Ryan thinks taking Nat to the end will be better in the end but will he get to the end if he keeps her.

Sheila tells the boys to not do one to one because she doesn't want to be the one to kick her out. She is worried about getting blood on her hands in the end.

Sheila is pissed that Adam says he might give Nat a pitty vote because he needs to worry about himself in the end. Sheila threatens to put Ryan on the block and walks inside.

Adam holds the POV and takes himself off. Sheila makes her speech about why she has evicted Natalie.

Nat takes the block and still feels safe. I wonder what will happen. Will her alliance stay as strong as she thinks. It is totally Adam and Ryan's game right now.

Big Brother 9 - Til Death Do Us Part

Sunday's Episode -

We start out with the HOH competition underway. Everyone except for Adam is trying to stay in a hanging box the longest.

I wonder if BB looked for people with the most annoying voices this season. Jen, Sharon, Sheila, Matt, Josh and Natalie, all grate on my nerves.

Sharon was out after 8 minutes. Something about her back hurting, then her legs. She fell, Adam went over to carry her to a seat. Sheila says, "I think Adam has a new soul mate." Sharon whispers to Adam, "I'll just have to win POV." He tells her, "you're gonna have to."

All these exchanges were really interesting.

Sheila wants this so bad because she wants badly to see a picture of her son. She shouts out a "Mick, I love you" to the camera.

She also tells everyone that she has to do this for pictures of her son. She needs this! "I need to!"

Sheila and Nat get into a competitive bitch vest. Sheila says she isn't dropping. Nat says she doesn't feel safe and what fun would it be if she did? Sheila tells her to stay up as long as she can.

Nat feels as though she has this in the bag, "my muscles are good!" and "I'm chillin' like a fillin." Huh?

Sheila tells them that she is feeling old and that she has 15 years on them all.

Nat comes back with a "yeah you do!"

Sharon and Adam head inside for a moment. Adam says, "I'll be right back." Sharon says, "I have to pee." Natalie says, "yeah, yeah." They walk in and Nat says, "we should make a deal with them gone."

Sheila, Ryan and Nat make a deal. Since Sheila really wants this, Ryan says, "he would be willing to give this to Sheila." Nat says, "I want to make sure Ryan and I don't go on the block."

Sheila tells them that she will put Adam and Sharon up.

They make the deal and decide to stay up longer so that it looks like they didn't make a deal to Sharon and Adam.

Sheila tells Diary that Ryan and Nat cut the deal and she thought they were all in an alliance already.

Ryan tells Diary that he trusts Sheila more than he trusts Nat right now. Ummm...

Adam comes out and Sheila cuts a deal with Ryan. He says ok and falls at 2 hour and 47 minutes.

Nat who has already cut a deal with Sheila minutes ago gets into a What would Jesus Do thing about should she drop or not with Sharon. Sharon tells her he would drop for Sheila. Adam looks concerned because he knows that if Ryan and Nat cut a deal with Sheila, obviously he will end up on the box. He doesn't know that Sheila plans on back dooring Nat.

Nat carries on for more than 15 minutes about her being a good person before finally dropping, "the good person in me wants to drop but the fire in me wants to stay. What should I do."

Somehow after Sheila wins and then drops, she cracks a tooth. Everyone celebrates and Sheila holds a broken tooth (?) in her fingers before saying she needs to see a dentist.

Ryan, Nat and Adam meet up and they discuss the deal. Nat tells him that Sharon will be leaving.

Baller is concerned about being on the block and upset with Nat trying to convince him that he is ok and they are sending Sharon home, followed by Sheila next week "following the plan."

Nat tells Baller/Adam not to be mad at her and then heads to Sheila in the food pantry and they hug. She tells her that as long as they stick to the plan everything will be ok.

We get to see Sheila's HOH with pictures of her son, brother and sister. There is also a smoking hot picture of her at 25 where Adam and Ryan drool for a moment.

Ryan reads Sheila's letter from her son to her as she and the houseguests hang on each other and listen.

Sheila under protest massages Adam. She tells him while rubbing him down, how hard it is and how SheBot has this hard exterior and how she can't let anyone see the sweet, little girl who cares about everyone that is inside of her.

Adam tells her, "I see her all the time." Awwwwww..sweet.

Sheila, says, "really, you see her? Then why are you so mean to me sometimes?" He says, "because I love you"

She says, "really? So you know this is just a tough exterior?" He says, "Yup."

Sheila says in Diary, that when she first met Adam, she hated him and now she has this tremendous love for him. She wants to be standing next to him in the end.

Sheila speaks to Ryan and begs him to it is her, Adam and Ryan in the end.

Sheila tells Adam he is safe and the plan to back door Nat.

Nominations: Adam and Sharon as expected are nominated!


Big Brother and American Idol Updates will be listed today.

Monday, April 14, 2008

General Hospital, Breaking Hearts, Kidnapping, Killing, Raping, And Lying to Baby's Daddys for 45 years

God damn, can you believe it? April 1st, General Hospital was 45 years old. Originally just a 30 minute show, popularity boosted it to an hour. Not bad for a little show about the 7th floor nurses station and the Chief of Internal Medicine.

The original cast
John Beradino; Dr. Steve Hardy, Chief of Internal Medicine
Tom Brown; Al Weeks
Robert Clarke; Roy Lansing
Carolyn Craig; Cynthia Allison
Craig Curtis; Eddie Weeks
Neil Hamilton; Philip Mercer
Allison Hayes; Priscilla Longworth
Lenore Kingston; Mrs. Weeks (She didn't have a name?)
Ralph Manza; Mike Costello
Emily McLaughlin; Jessie Brewer
Hunt Powers; Dr. Ken Martin
K.T. Stevens; Petty Mercer
Roy Thinnes; Dr. Phil Brewer

The only original actor still appearing occassionaly today is Audrey (Rachel Ames) who came onto the show in 1964 as Audrey March.

The city of the show was unnamed until the 70's when Port Charles was born.

Most of the story revolved around Steve Hardy and his friend nurse Jessie Brewer until Audrey arrived. She was a flight attendant who ended up marrying Steve 3 times. Jessie was disappointed as there had always been an air of sexual tension between her and Steve. It was never acted upon, as they remained close friends until Jessie (and actress Emily McLaughlin) died in 1991. Steve Hardy himself died five years later when his portrayer, John Beradino, died in 1996.

It wasn't until Leslie and Laura's storyline of a 16 year old Laura, upset that her older lover was using her to get to her mother kills him in a fit of rage. The storyline worked so well that Laura became the writers saving grace.

They built a love triangle around Laura, her boyfriend Scotty and Bobbi Spencer. This was the big build up to GH's biggest couple (all-time soap super couple ever), the crossing of Laura with Bobbi's brother Luke Spencer.

The pairing of Luke Spencer and Laura Webber would eventually become the most popular storyline in soap opera history.

Their November 16th and 17th, 1981 wedding was watched by about 30 million people, making it the highest-rated episode of a soap opera in American television history. They were so popular that even Elizabeth Taylor wanted in on the action, she guest-starred as Helena Cassadine and adorned People Weekly magazine with Francis and Geary. Luke and Laura's relationship was not without some controversy, as Luke had raped her in 1979. Laura was traumatized and went to counseling, but after her popularity with Luke flourished, she claimed the rape was "seduction." In 1998, the issue was revisited and Laura finally admitted to herself that Luke had raped her.

It should be noted that during Summer 1981, GH was averaging 14 million viewers per episode.

The show's focus began to drift away from the original hospital setting onto a series of action/adventure plots, most of which were highly successful with the show's audience. The introduction of the WSB spy agent Robert Scorpio (and later fellow agents Sean Donely and Anna Devane)led to several popular spy mysteries involving secret formulas, hidden treasures and world domination schemes. A few of these plots were widely considered preposterous, such as the 1981 storyline in which Luke, Laura and Robert saved the town of Port Charles from being placed under a deep freeze by maniacal Mikkos Cassadine.

Another far fetched storyline occurred in 1990 when Robin Scorpio (Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane's daughter) befriended Casey Rogers, an alien from the planet Lumina. Was this the dumbest soap idea ever?

The series also launched the media career of fitness instructor Richard Simmons, who frequently appeared as himself.

In the early 90's GH's biggest stars started leaving and it was at this point I was giving up on my dear soap. I underwent an appendix operation and was in the hospital for 5 days with nothing to watch so I tuned into GH for an hour. Thankfully Luke and Laura were returning from being "on the run" with their, hello, 10 year old son Lucky!

Since Beachers Corners, the return of L, L and L Spencer I have been again a faithful watcher.

Some of my favorite storylines were of:

The unfortunate death of Tony and Bobbie's daughter BJ. Tony gave the best performance.
Monica's breast cancer and friendship of Paige storyline and the subsequent adoption of Emily after Paige subcombs to cancer.

Stone and Robin - Need I say more?

Sonny and Brenda were the sexist couple on that show for me. Hot, hot, hot.

The first Carly stealing Tony from her mother. Crazy.

The Nurses ball! I loved it. Loved everything about it. Lucy and her crazy outfits. The actors singing and dancing. The drama.

Brenda, Sonny and Jax one of the greatest triangles on GH.

Brenda and Lois friendship. Loved it. Who didn't love Lois?

Lucky and Liz's early friendship and later love story.

Jason and Robin's love story.

Liz and Jason's friendship, respect and ultimately love.

Every Christmas at GH.

Sweeps weeks always brings along some alumi, train wrecks, building explosions, and shootings.

There was also a serial killer in the Quartermaine mansion one year. Then Holly brought a virus to Port Charles and it killed Tony Jones and Courtney Mathews. Let's not forget Alan Quartermaine dying during the "24" style bombing of the Metro Court.

God there have been so many great moments I can't imagine not watching this show for the rest of my life. Sad but true.

Highlights through the years
GH in the 60's
GH in the 70's
GH in the 80's
GH in the 90's

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eye Candy - Josh Holloway

Way back in the beginning, I used to have a meme thingy called Maria's Eye Candy and I would post pictures of well, hot men. I originally considered putting all kinds of eye candy things up like, a latte, a cute bunny, whatever, but mostly the Eye Candy Man took over and it was fun.
So for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy some yummy pictures of my current wet dream.

Yup, I'd lock his ass up in a cage in my room if I ever got my claws into him.

I know I have already posted Josh aka Sawyer from Lost but you know, you just can't go wrong with Josh!

Is it the dimples, the hair, the body, the twinkling eyes? Who cares?! Is there a hotter man than Josh? I think not!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol Shocker!!

I am shocked. My man Michael John is out! I expected him in the bottom 3 but to be sent home?!

Talk about scandelous.


I can't wait to see what Michael does with his career because I expect that we will be hearing his name again!

What is up with Ryan and his malicious and weird presentation about how last year on Idol Gives Back we didn't send anyone home? Everyone's face changed in anticipation of the possibility that Michael would be spared. Then we was told that "this year we would be saying good-bye to Michael John". Was it editing? It was just cold and unfeeling! Why dangle that carrot and rip it out from under him like that?

Ryan is satan.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This just makes me sick

I am sorry to see shit like this. What the hell?

The fact that this was totally planned and that an unwilling, unsuspecting, innocent walked into an ambush from classmates just sickens my stomach.

The internet is a wonderful resource and I will never understand deviant behavior like this.

Go here for the story

Big Brother 9 - Til Death Do Us Part - POV

Sheila, Ryan and Nat are upset that Adam didn't put James up.

Adam tells Sharon that James will win the POV and use it on you. Why does he think this? Did James tell him this?

Adam is second guessing himself. He tells Sharon he think he did the wrong thing.

Poor pathetic Adam.

Sheila tells Adam she is shocked that he put her on the block. "I'm so sorry."

Nat, Adam and Sheila talk and he says, he is sorry and that "Satan's tongue got to him, mesmerized him." He wants to make it up to Ryan, Sheila and Nat. One of them have to win POV.

Nat is going to be "warrior princess Natty." Oh, I hate when people give themselves nicknames.

Nat, Adam and James come to an agreement. Sharon tells him that Nat wants him to think everyone is gunning for him so that he doesn't go after her.

Sharon and James have a nighttime conversation about their friends who have left and their morals. How much they like people and how James really isn't this evil.

James tells Sharon she is an amazing person and she tells him that she will always be there for him.

Poor mommy Sheila is cleaning up after adult slobs.

Veto Competition underway and it looked like in Nat's words, "A desert paradise".

Nat was the first one eliminated after saying this game is about numbers and she should win. Sheila was the next one out. James out! Sharon Gone! Ryan wins!!!

Sharon tells Sheila that Nat tried to make a deal with James. Sheila is sure that Nat will betray her.

Sheila tries to talk to Ryan and they discuss Nat and where they stand with her.

James tries to plead with Ryan about not using the veto.

Ryan asks James if Nat has gone to him to strike a deal.

Interesting. Why did he trust what James was saying? I mean she did say it but why didn't he go to Nat?

Ryan calls a veto meeting and removes Sheila from the block.

American Idol - 2008 - Top 8 sing Inspirational Songs

Michael John sings Dream On by Aerosmith. Probably one of my favorite Aerosmith songs. It was a bit rough in the beginning for me but he found it in the chorus. It was plain old Michael good, with no twist. Straight Aerosmith copy. It was ok.

Randy - So, I really believe this is an important weeks. I want to see who can win. It was a good song choice. It had some pitch problems. It was alright.

Paula - (omg what is up with her dress) I think it was a perfect song for you to pick. You sound as good as you look.

Simon - I thought it was a very good performance. I am slightly with Randy on this. I don't like when you do an impersonation of a rock star. I thought it was wannabeish.

Syesha Mercado - Sang I Believe by Fantasia. Really good song and a good choice for her. She sounds great and I think it was probably her best performance for me. I could have done without the ending but it was ok. Fantasia just did something to that song though.

Randy - That is a tiger of a song. She has a special connection that I didn't find with you but it was ok.

Paula - Not many people can take on songs like that. You made it your own. Hands down one of your most shining nights.

Simon - Technically you sang it very well however, it lacked that big wave of emotion. I want to find out who you are all about. You did sing it very well.

Jason Castro sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I just think he has such a good soul. He is so sweet and that just comes across whenever he is on stage. It was sweet and sincere.

Randy - Jason is back. It was the hottest. It was blazing.

Paula - You have the most definitive sound. It was the perfect song. I love that version of the song.

Simon - The first time I heard it, I wasn't sure. Second time, ok. Third time Fantastic.

This is the song that Simon spoke about by Israel.

Kristy Lee Cook sang Anyway by Martina McBride. She looked incredible and did a fantastic job. This was obviously the best song choice for her. Best performance so far.

Randy - There were a couple of pitch moments but really good.

Paula - I think we should leave the pitch moments. Kristy Lee Cook, you out did yourself. Your best so far. It's so easy singing songs that inspire you. Excellent.

Simon - Randy made a point with a choice this broad you can chose who you are as an artist. I thought you were very good indeed. Tonight, you look like a star. I love that. Smart. You are appealing to your audience. Good on you!

David Cook sang Innocent. I do not know this song but he of course did awesome. He is the real deal and has massive talent. Love him.

Randy - Yo baby. Check it out. I am a huge fan. Every week you throw it down. NOt your strongest week. It feel short for me.

Paula - You are so well defind. The whole package. I believe in you.

Simon - I didn't like this performance at all. I thought it was a tinsy weensy bit pompus. I didn't like the white jacket. Anyway near the last two weeks.

Carly Smithson sang The Show Must Go On by Queen. She is super hot and sounded great. I felt like I was watching a Carly concert. She is just flawless, strong and confident. Love her.

Randy - Ok. It started out good. Middle was pitchy at the high parts. It was ok. Disconnected.

Paula - There is something I am going to agree with. Your voice is totally pretty perfect. I didn't feel engaged with you. Your voice was amazing.

Simon - You look good. I thought it was an unusual choice of songs. You over sang it. It was an angry performance. I think again, you have chosen the wrong song.

David Archuleta sang Angels by Robbie Williams. It was just ok for me. It was too slow and soft. Not that it is bad just give me that feeling I get from the original. It is such a beautiful song.

Randy - Check this out. You know what I love about this performance. I love those runs. That was your hottest all season. Love it. Crazy hot.

Paula - That sums it up for me. Fantastic.

Simon - Best song choice so far. The best pop songs. I thought it was a bit nasally. I thought the end was better than the beginning. You are going to sail through to the next round.

Here's the original

Brooke White sang You've Got A Friend. This is a really good choice for Brooke. Before she even started I could hear her singing it. I hated her hair and her dress but she did a great job on the vocals. Was it something that the young kids voting will like? Probably not.

Randy - I liked that. For me, I don't think it was your best. It was ok.

Paula - That song, I grew up to. My sister played it over and over again. I think it was the perfect way to close the evening. I love you.

Simon - It was like a pleasant walk in the park. It was nice. Was it original? No. Was it pleasant? Yes. Thank you.

My bottom three: ( wow this is hard)
Michael John, Brooke White, David Cook (2 of my faves are in this based on tonight's performance)

Best of the night for me: Jason Castro

Nat and Her Boys talk about James

Sheila, Sharon and Ryan - Man Hater

Nat is just crazy - She doesn't know John Lennon is dead?

Nat, Coffee or Joe and a Pimple

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The House Guests Play the Opinions Game

I love Nat saying that Sheila looks like "that pin-up model Sophia Loren!" Was Sophia just a friggin pin-up model?

Also, Sheila saying she's been told her WHOLE LIFE SHE LOOKS LIKE JODIE FOSTER about 12 times. Geez women!

The House Guests drink Wine and Converse

Nat and James Talk

I could like James, sometimes he seems so genuine and likable and other times he is suck a prick.

Someone should come up with a reality show where Jessica Simpson and Nat discuss news stories. I would be glued to the set.

James and Adam try to get Sheila and Nat fighting

Adam Not As Hot as Dr. Will

Ryan wins POV

How funny, check out Nat trying to climb all over him. Bwwaaahhh

BB9 - James, Sharon and Ryan discuss Sex & Break Ups

The House Guests talk Outside

Sheila talks about how hot she thought Alex and Neil were when she first walked in the house.

Ryan talking about Jen being a Fag Hag cracked me up. Did you guys know Jen and Josh had kissed in front of Ryan?

Sharon, Adam and James talk outside

I love the conversation about kisses and rumors.

Ryan and Adam ask Nat about BJ

BB9 - Ryan and Nat Try to Strong Arm Adam

BB9 Ryan has a Potty Mouth

Sheila Interrupts Adam and James

James wants Adam to trust him

BB9 Nat Freaks Me Out Sometimes

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Til Death Do Us Part - Bye Josh

I love that Josh was let go last night on BB.

Julie gives us the low down on what has been happening in the house.

Natalie tells Josh that she doesn't want to be the tie breaker so he goes out to try to win over one more vote.

It was so pathetic, Josh pretending to cry over his pizza so that he can get the sympathy vote from Adam.

Poor Adam, "what's the matter. I'm here for you buddy. It's going to be ok. It's hard Joshuah, cry it out." As Josh holds Adam and sobs into his shoulder. Friggin Josh....I want him booted just for that scene. Getting Adam all upset over nothing. For anyone looking for a good baby daddy, check Adam man. That's the man, holding a sobbing man, wiping tears, pep talking. Nice job Adam!

I LOOOOOVVVEEED Natalie pulling Sharon in to HOH and telling her that Josh has been campaigning against her. BWaahhhhh...sucker. He thought he had it in the bag.

The girls pull Sheila in who is just as shocked. What!? Our Josh, didn't we just cry over him?

Nat tells Ryan the plan is now to get Joshuah out and he says he doesn't trust her. Nat heads over to Sharon and tells her to talk to him. They talk and she pulls him in.

Nat gets Ryan, Sheila and Adam to vote Josh out without telling James and Josh this is the new plan. I love it!

I loved when Josh is asked by Julie about being on the block with Sharon and he says that he loves and and would never campaign against or try to take her down. Bwaaahh.

Josh's parents watching him between their fingers and covering their ears while watching him was too much. I felt bad for his mom. Do we really ever know our kids? I would hope that I will as they get older.

When Julie talks to Nat she tells her that when she was little God used to talk to her and tell her that she is the glue that holds the family together. I want God to talk to me do I need a boob job to have that happen?

Sheila, Ryan and Adam (although he seems upset by this) vote to evict Josh.

James votes to evict Sharon

Josh is told he is evicted, he stands up and gives a pretty decent speech. He tells them to be true to themselves. He tells them that he stands for what he believes in yada yada yada.

Bye Bye.

American Idol Send Off - Bye Ramiele

Alas, Ramiele bids us a farewell.

Brooke was sent to safety leaving tiny Ramiele (she is probably my height. Crap, I just checked and yup that is what I would look like standing there too. We are both 4'11" I think I have 3/4 over her though) and humongous Kristy on the stage with Ryan.

Brooke is told she is safe for another week. Ramiele sings for the last time on the Idol stage. Curtain.
Has anyone seen some of the supposed scandalous pictures of Ramiele. Gasp, is this really scandalous or am I just jaded? Because honestly it just looks like a girl taking a picture while playing around with some girlfriends. Not something I have ever done (wait I'm lying there was this time...) but if this is the worst my daughter does in her younger years I think all will be ok.

The first time I have cried since someone left Idol. Not because I LOVE Ramiele just because she looked so sad.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Brother 9 Recap

This was such a good episode.

The whole house wants James out of the house and James knows it.

We watch poor James mope around the house without Chelsia.

I am not sure what Sheila thinks she has up her sleeve but we see Sheila talking to James in the sauna telling him that he is a great player and can win the POV. He says in Diary how much it meant to hear this.

Then, we see her talking to Josh and talking him up. She has the ears of the rest of the Houseguests and James overhears her trying to rally them against him.

James comes into the room and Nat tries to tell her to "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah" but she doesn't get it and James says he heard everything.

He again finds her telling Josh that everyone wants him out.

Adam comes into the bedroom to tell Josh and James that Sheila feels better and James says "for getting that off her chest."

He flies outside to confront Sheila in his black bikini undies and a t-shirt. He shouts, thrusts out his arms and spits at Sheila. She holds her own and they argue some more. I really thought he was going to lose his ever loving mind and hit her. I was expecting someone to rush out and break it up. It was crazy.

Then James is telling the Houseguests that he heard everything about the whole house wanting him out, "you guys voted me out, why did you vote me back? You should have kept me out."

Nat and James shout it out in the hallway in front of some HG's and he yells how he only had Chelsia and she says she only had Matty. Yada, yada. James tells her that she has people she can talk to and "people you can play with, I have no one to play with."

Awww...I'll play with you James!

Ryan comes in saying that everyone feels they have been targeted at one time and James says, he's just mad at Sheila, and he is losing his voice.

Nat hugs him.

James talks about how he has been straight with everyone and how Sheila keeps being two face or something. He tells Nat that she says she had an ear with Adam's votes when he was HOH and she says, a little bit.

Adam, who is reading the bible sits up. He walks into the room and says "if my name comes up, I am going to speak up too. "Don't put me in a corner here bro. Everybody in this house wanted you on the block and you are gunning for me bro.

James says, he was only talking Nat. Adam tells him "you are right, you are pigeonholed and no one wants you in the house and it sucks for you dude. I don't want anyone throwing me under the bus."

James tells him "no one was throwing you under the bus go back to reading your bible."

Adam, smiles and says, "I will." Everyone chuckles including me. I love this lighthearted moment in the chaos.

Nighttime and James wakes up and heads to the kitchen. Josh follows and they discuss Sheila and James' one man island. James tells him that "he has no one in the game and for Sheila to support him it had really meant a lot to him and then to hear her bashing him was really hard." He starts crying and Josh tells him that Sheila is the ultimate 2 face player.

James and Josh hug and James tells Diary that there is no nice way to play BB. He cries and says how much this has hurt and how he can't believe that he is crying. "This is the first time I have cried since my dad died."

POV competition underway and everyone heads to the backyard.

The game gets down to James, Ryan and Sheila who by the way can't guess estimates for the life of her.

James WINS and shouts, "oh my God" at least 3 times before throwing himself on his knees in rock star style.

For some reason after James wins, Sharon runs over to Josh who puts up his hands and says, "I want to be left alone" in total Diva fashion. He "feels like he just went to his own funeral and was put in the ground with everyone already moving on. His game is done and over with." Wahhhh...

James dances around his room and throws his POV medal at the camera, "I've got the veto".

More crying is done by Josh this time but it seems very poor Hollywood acting to me.

Sharon comes in and tells Josh that she will take care of it and nothing is definite. He again tells her that he just wants to be left alone.

Sharon and Nat talk in the pantry and Nat tells her "I'm going to have to put you up because I can't put anyone on my side up."

She heads back to Josh and says, "she's putting me up." Josh says, he knows an that she is the ultimate pawn.

Sheila, Josh and Sharon are talking in the kitchen and Josh says he isn't going to go all Chelsia, he loves Sharon too much and game is over yada, yada. He says, we have each other and we have to stick together. Sheila starts crying. Josh starts crying. Sharon starts sobbing.

Poor heartbroken Sharon goes to the bathroom to cry in private and Josh goes to the food pantry. Sheila heads in to console Sharon. She tells her that Josh loves her so much and that he is such a great guy, they will be friends forever.

I love this scene by BB editors. I love that Sheila is talking about Sharon not letting Josh down and we hear Josh's voice over say, "wait a minute, why does Sharon get to stay?" Dun dud, dun dun...Wiping his tears away he heads up to HOH to chat with Nat.
He tells her that he is her friend and that he will not campaign against Sharon but will cut her a deal. He will get two votes and she will break the tie, voting Sharon out.
Josh goes to Ryan and James separately and tells them what transpired. They both promise him their votes.
Sheila is still talking to Sharon in the bathroom about what an upstanding guy Josh is. Bwaah...
"He's going to walk out with his head high..."

James calls a POV meeting and takes himself off. Nat puts Sharon up.

Sharon says in Diary that it will be hard for her because she is very motherly and she has become responsible for Josh and he will probably walk out that door and she will stay and fight for his honor.

Josh says in Diary that he didn't come for second place he came to win and if that means getting rid of Sharon so be it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol - Top 9 - Hello Dolly

The idols were mentored by the legendary and beloved Dolly Parton this week.

Brooke White - Sang Jolene - About Dolly she said, "she's a tiny girl but she is huge" Bwaaahhh come on that is funny. I thought she would do this song. I really love this song off of the first Dolly album I ever owned "The Best of Dolly Parton. I loved this album and over played at my house when I was younger. I thought she did ok. It was a good choice of song but I didn't get any feeling from it.

Randy - There was some pitch problems but it was alright.

Paula - You are consistent. You have an emotional connection to each song you pick. You are Brooke White, excellent and wonderful. Ummm ok.

Simon - Actually I totally disagree with Paula. You were busting through the song. I thought all of you looked very odd together. It wasn't one of your best performances.

Dave Cook - sang Little Sparrow which Dolly said was one of your favorite songs. I don't believe I even know this song. He did his own arrangement and well, it sounded pretty good to me. I liked the Sting vibe when the drums came in. It was really pretty. I thought he did really well.

Randy - You know what, I love that you show you have an unbelievable range. ANother hot perforamnce.

Paula - I liked your hair cut. I can see your face. I never heard a guy do that song. It was fantastic. Going into your false, and strong, it shows how well runded you are.

Simon - If you can make a song about sparrows good and you did. Congratulations.

Ramiele - Sang Do I Ever Cross Your Mind - I don't think she will be in the top 4. I just don't see the talent that everyone else is showing. She sounded really unsure and timid. Where is that big ole voice everyone fell in love with?

Randy - So, I wasn't jumping up and down. It was alright. You showed some strength. It was good.

Paula - I am proud of you. I think you had a great minute and 30 seconds. You were having fun.

Simon - We are not going to remember this in 10 years. I thought it was forgettable. Something you would see on a cruise ship.

Jason Castro sang Traveling Through. I am so hot for this kid. He is so damn cute. I liked it. I like him and think he is so damn mellow and adorable. Can't we all see Jason just sitting with a yellow flower in his hair, on some grass with a poncho, singing with his guitar? Hot baby.

Randy - I thought it started rough. I thought it was kinda cool. I started believing it. You worked it out.

Paula - This was one of your stronger performances. You were confident. It was great, I loved it.

Simon - I didn't like that at all. It was like the same song from before. If this was the first time I had heard you, I wouldn't get it.

Let's all not forget that Simon doesn't love country music.

Carly Smithson sang Here You Come Again and she sounded awesome. Just friggin awesome. I liked it so much and I think she gave it a whole new life. It sounded updated and fresh. I liked the slow pace and her beautiful, flawless voice with the guitar was so pretty.

Randy - I do believe that will probably be one of the better perforamnces of the night.

Paula - That was glorius. That voice of look great. Oh my God.

Simon - I thought it was good, I didn't think it was great. It is one of those nights. I think you have to have a word with whoever is dressing you. You have to start looking more like a star. I don't see that progression at the moment.

David Archuleta sang Smoky Mountain Memories and Dolly had to keep herself from crying. I love this song, it is a really beautiful song and David did it great justice. I thought he did really well.

Randy - That was the best performance of the night.

Paula - Amazing tone and aura.

Simon - This week absolutely on the money.

Kristy Lee Cook sang Coat of Many Colors which has a really special place in my heart because it is the song I sing to my babies. I sang it every night while I nursed and it never fails to make me cry all the time. I thought she did a fabulous job. I really wanted it to be sweeter and softer but it was good. But what was up with the hair?

Randy - Country music is your wheel house.

Paula - You look stunning. You look beautiful. It was a beautiful performance. It was your best.

Simon - I totally disagree. I thought this was pleasant and forgettable.

Syesha sang I will ALways Love You a really difficult song especially since she will be compared to Dolly and Whitney. Good luck girlie. t started out pretty rough but she took it really slow and beautiful and built it up for the finale. Which was pretty damn good.

Randy - You took on the biggest tigger of the night. It was alright.

Paula - Your voice. When you are in that velvet tone, that is it for you. You are connecting with the audience and I love it.

Simon - This is one of the best pop songs ever written. The second part paled in comparison to Whitney.

Michael John sang It's All Wrong But It's All Right. Dolly fell under his spell too. Damn baby boy, you are hot with that scarf and dark clothes. Hot. I don't really care what the hell he sings. I love him. I loved the whole bluesy feel and his face when he sings makes me grrr...yeah baby.

Randy - You keep on bringing it up every week. Blazing hot.

Paula - You are a star. A rock star. A blues star.

Simon - I have to say something to you. I think this is the best I have heard you.

This is really hard because everyone really is good at this point so it was hard to chose (for me) anyone other than Ramiele.

Bottom 3 - Ramiele, Brooke, Jason
Top - Michael John
Going Home - Ramiele